Weight Loss Kit

Your Evolution Weight Loss System
Your Evolution
Weight Loss System

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Details: Intek has released some of the most advanced supplements on the market today, and now for those looking for a true 24 Hour Weight Loss System, YOUR WEIGHT LOSS EVOLUTION is here. INTEK takes a 3-Step approach to fat burning and weight loss for an all day effect. For unprecedented energy, focus and maximum weight loss, INTEK Thermogenic Evolution is the first step to igniting your fat burning potential throughout the day. Step two is INTEK Non Stim Evolution which ensures maximal metabolic overhaul, optimizes T-3 fat burning hormones, and diminishes any bloating or water retention beneath the skin which can keep you from that toned, lean look. The final step to your weight loss metamorphosis comes from the detoxification and cleansing of all your vital organs, blood and gastro intestinal tract. With INTEK Detox Evolution your body will now be running at peak condition as all the unnecessary weight in your mid section is depleted and your organs, blood and intestines are wiped clean of waste. Now your body can run like the lean machine you desire to be. YOUR EVOLUTION IS ONLY A FEW STEPS AWAY! Your Evolution Weight Loss System contains 1 bottle of Thermogenic Evolution (120 capsules), 1 bottle of Non Stim Evolution (90 capsules), and 1 bottle of Detox Evolution (120 capsules).

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